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Welcome to the website of Erin Norman Gardens, located in Bellingham, WA. With over ten years of experience as a gardener and garden designer in the Pacific Northwest, I have the skills and knowledge to address the challenges and opportunities our region offers. To learn more about how your family’s garden and landscape would benefit from my service choose a link above.

I use organic gardening practices as much as possible as I believe a garden should not just be beautiful, but sustainable. In addition to general care gardening I am adept with tree care: pruning for optimal health and fruit production. As a horticulturalist I am skilled with container gardening as well as vegetable and herb gardens. Send me a e-mail, or contact me to schedule an appointment to learn how your home’s landscape can improve from my experience and loving touch.

Regional succulent plants
Sedum (unknown species)
Humming bird enjoying wildlife habitat
Lonicera (unknown species), Honeysuckle

As a garden designer many clients seek to maximize the aesthetics of their garden while minimizing their environment impact. To achieve this I follow the principles of permaculture. Not ready for a full landscape re-design? I can help you add a flower garden, create a vegetable garden, or add any manner of planted containers. Many clients reach out to me to simply discuss the best choices for new garden plants. My garden design is steeped in botany and expertise of our Pacific Northwest region. E-mail me or send me a message to take the first step in upgrading your landscape design.

A tree blooming in the spring in the South Hill neighborhood of Bellingham, WA
Magnolia x soulangeana, Saucer Magnolia in the South Hill Neighborhood

A garden is a special and dynamic space, where people and nature come together and exert a mutual influence.

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