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A garden is a special and dynamic space, where people and nature come together and exert a mutual influence. I am passionate about gardening.

I’ve spent more than ten years working professionally as a gardener and horticulturalist, in both the public and private sector. Most of that time has been spent in the Pacific Northwest, and over the years I’ve developed a repertoire of skills and knowledge specific to the challenges and opportunities presented by our wet winters, dry summers, often heavy clay soil, and local wildlife. I believe that gardens should be both beautiful and sustainable, and I adhere to an ethic of responsible land stewardship in both my design and maintenance practices.

Erica carnea (unknown variety)
Podophyllum peltatum

My goal is to work with you to determine your needs and preferences, and to create a design or maintenance plan with which you’ll be entirely satisfied. Whether your project is as complex as planning and installing an entirely new garden, or as simple as adding a few planted containers or vegetable garden to your existing landscape, I will be there to see it through.

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